Le Roy

by tildon krautz

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released August 1, 2012




tildon krautz Savannah, Georgia

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Track Name: karen's song
you came into my life turned it upside down.
my head went spinning round and round, round and round.

you got me around your finger
I didn't know what to do

you showed me just what love is for
yeah you should me just what to do.

but then you, you up and left me.
you left me so all alone.
left me thinking
"How am I gonna find anyone to call my own?"

now i've seen some better days
but i'll make it on through,
coz life's worth living
even if it is without you

coz darling you up and left me
you left me all so alone
left me thinking
how am i gonna find
anyone to call my own.

there are days when i pine for you
and i want you back
but good wine and a chunk of cheese
take really good care of that.
Track Name: little white cloud
i've been floating on a little white cloud
everybody else said i won't get too far
i'm recruiting help of angels and ghosts
they lead me thru a land of neverending fog

i'm in an ever lost state of mind
where music's in the minor key all the time
Track Name: what are you gonna do with a baby
baby laughs,
baby cries,
stuck my finger in a baby's eye.

what you gonna do with a baby?

wrap him up in a table cloth,
throw him up in that same old loft.

how i love my pretty little babe,
my baby, she's a daisy.

god bless this baby.
Track Name: let me fall
if i get drunk let me fall, little darling, on the ground

this hard road is gonna be the death of me
let me fall little darling, on the ground.
Track Name: he
gregg's lyrics:

he got so mad. he told her that she was guilt tripping.
i had every right to walk away while she was speaking.

i'm a man that's how it is sometimes i have to go
into my own corner. it seems iffy, but it's so...
go figure

i drive her mad when i don't pony up her daily keeping.

the world is big and it can keep the two of us doing the dance.
i want you more, i want you sore, i want you crawling on the floor
of our love.

i've got the goods.
i've seen her move,
you're my moocher:-)

gabi's lyrics:

the world with him is kinda crazy but i don't have the will to go
i want him near, i want him here, i want him itching at my core.
go figure.

he drives me mad when he won't pony up my daily keeping.

the world is big and it can keep the two of us doing the dance
i want you more, i want you sore, i want you crawling on the floor
of our love.

he's got the goods,
yeah, he can move my inner moocher:-)
Track Name: hesitation blues
nickel's a nickel, dime's a dime.
i want my old boy, he don't mind
how long do i have to wait
can i have you now or need i hesitate?

dollar's a dollar, i don't care
it's not a dollar that i crave
how long do i have to wait, can i have you now
or need i hesitate?
Track Name: lost and lonely
i'm lost and i'm lonely and these bars are holding me back
from the one i love

well me and my friends were out on the town
local pub just puttin some down
and i think i may have crossed over that line

i said baby you know me so don't you disown me
just look to my eyes and find that i'm not lying

well i told that judge it was self defense
he told me "no, son you're whiskey bent"
then they went off and they sent me to the pen
well they got me locked up here in canyon city
i'm a gettin mighty board my friend
and it won't be long till i'm back out on the run

yeah so much time here has passed me
but this place will never out last me
my time here in the pen has come to an end

just about the time the warden got breakfast
i'm halfway across texas and then
i'm halfway home

i snuck in and got my babies
we were out of there so hastily
and down the road and then to mexico

where i'll never be
Track Name: sail away ladies
ever i get my new house done
i'll give the old one to my son

don't she rock it, daddio?

ain't no need to weep and cry
we'll get to heaven by and by

come on boys away with me,
we'll go back to being free
Track Name: grey cat on a tennessee farm
there's a horse in the stable, money in the pocket
a baby in the cradle and a pretty girl to rock it

big cat spitting in a little cat's eye
little cat don't you cry.

all love liquor and we're gonna take a dram
i'm gonna tell you 'fore anybody am

fruit in the cellar, cheese on the board
big sack of coffee and the sugar in the gourd

let's look to the man who can if he will
prosper in the valley of the tennessee hills.
Track Name: it ain't easy
it aint easy, it's been a long time
it aint easy, it's been a long time
since i saw the rain fallen from the sky

yeah i owe the bank everything that i got
my crops aint growin and my work's all dried up
no and it aint easy, it's been a long time.


yeah my heart breaks when i can see your face.
it's been such a long time since i held you in my arms
no and it aint easy, it's been a long time.


yeah i had a dream about that rain come and falling
my crops was all growing and i could pay for it all
but, it aint easy, and it's been a long time.


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