A Love

by tildon krautz

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alternate title: Nonchałonski


released April 19, 2017



all rights reserved


tildon krautz Savannah, Georgia

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Track Name: Benny Song
I don't wanna tell you what to do  I just want you to change your attitude
Can you be different on mondays can you wear the mind you wear on sundays
Different tidbits do me fine some are precious beyond denying
They are what keep this thing alive,  can you work a good supply

I wann'it fine
I'm running out of steam
Like steady light
I'm not a love machine
What can you do 
I can't do anything
To keep this thing from caving in.

Hey you maybe it'll be better if we get us some poorly weather 
Lock us up inside a single room staring into each other's doom
We can come to an understanding of our deep inter-depending
Instead of getting wrapped up in eachother's mood

I don't wanna tell you how to be I just want you to have two different feet
Can you switch the left for the right one Will it make you walk in a straight line

I don't wanna tell you what to do I just want you to temper your bad mood
Can't you just be happy today ? Can't you let it go when i break my game ?
Track Name: Longer than 29
’ve been out wandering and I’m doing fine.
I set off young.
There’s been chapters in this story of mine,
I’m in one now where I talk about some of them.

No I wasn’t satisfied,
Like many I didn’t dig the birthright.
I didn’t want to be apart,
Unmake the conscious heart.

I’ve been here longer now.
Most of the fear has worked out.
Nothing comes from free, I trade all my time willingly.

I don’t pretend I know how the road is bending.
I’m still here and I do not know the ending.
I don’t think I’m missing something
I’m still open to loving
I don’t think I’m going to find anything just because I’ve grabbed it.
Track Name: Daughter Song
They say it's like a theatre
Where we're playing the puppet.
They say it's make believe, 
But we don't really get that proverb. 
So much fun to keep it going
Such a thrill to keep on rolling, 
Take it to the end then do it again.

Nostalgic references are the key to our heart of mind,
Another word, another song, another lingering dilemma.
The tremble of emotions keep alive the ego notions, 
To calm them down, when they're bursting out, seems impossible.

But if they feel right, we'll polish off these memories,
Ensuring that they shine
In our personal bio-history
Waking up to the rhythm
Of retold psycho - riddle 

My little darling daughter
I wish that i could show you, 
How the very thing i desire here
Is the source of our problems.
I want so bad to have you see
How you're the start of everything, 
You can stop any time you want.

But if i succeed, we'll have a new religion, 
That will eat away the truth
And digest it as mal-vision.
Another misconception, 
A wonderful deception for the world.
Track Name: Life Apart
eah we both know what I’m singing here about.
Both of us know.

Hey baby can you let go ?
Hey darling can I ?

We try hard but it still ain’t right
All those times I held my own bag,
went away into the night.

Every time I see it you I know
but the feeling still don’t go.

When you woke up this morning you didn’t know what to say.
It all changed, was sweet again and you wanted to stay.

But what starts rolling gathers grass and the taste don’t change.

We try hard but no matter what we say
our minds don’t change course and the heart goes its own way.

You know yourself and so do I.
Track Name: intermission/entracte
we stay here.
you should know
there's no place any one of us
can ever think as home

no goodbyes
and no crying
we all know
we're exactly what you need.

and I will always love you.
Track Name: Fish
i was walking down the street just petting my potata
you looked so good and sweet i said "you wanna see me later?"
you looked around you looked at me you said "what are we going to see?"

i wanted to tell you now i knew it couldn't wait for later
"if i touch you with my croco will you help my alligator,
it's all in the bag if you want to take a swim out by the sea."

the sunset we are having in the seat of our now is reflecting soft yellow and red
off of the stones that they used to build the walls of this medieval city.

each and every morning while we are still sleeping the sun kisses the skin of the food that we're eating. and we take a walk in the ramparts on a summer evening, with no wind or rain.

i usually buy the fish if the ice it ain't melting
my sneakers make a squishing sound when i walk in them in the rain
and i can see by your smile that you've got the right training.
Track Name: Disney Song
Every morning i wake up its in the kitchen that i find
The evidence of your very late night past midnight snack
I will look around and see the ingredients of your feast
Along with some badly funny discombobulated mouse

Oh dear
All cats are asleep

I don't why we ever said the only point in this here life
Is to run and try collecting everything you can
When i wake up sometimes before noon
When i look up and see you
I don't see mouse poop

And when those mornings aren't there i don't know what to do
Its like the sun never came out from behind the milky dew
Birds fly in at sunrise and they choose sunflower seeds
Drop down all the corn for the pigeons to eat
Track Name: Tildon Krautz - Chanson Grave
my troubles grow like a forest overnight.
rains and storms come a-glowing with thunder light.
i feel like the air is closing over me.
i feel like i am trapped in a blister of fear.

my drama is taking over the entire world.
every day starts with a shower of pain bearing words.
where is the needle that brakes the heavy bubble
of the horrible ways it pulls me into the pain.

let me go, let me flow, let me walk away
from the pain of who i am on the day like today.
let me go, let me flow, let me run away
from the mind settled hard in its guerring ways.
let me go
that's where you wanna be
let me go
that's where you wanna be

who's eyes am i still averting, i don't wanna see.
who's words am i still avoiding, i don't wanna hear.
the pain that is theirs' justified by complex thoughts
of long winded stories i find
in secret books, written expressly for me
to lull me back to sleep.
that's where you wanna be.
back asleep.
that's where you wanna be.
i wanna let it go.
that's where you wanna be.
i wanna let it go.
Track Name: Marco Song
Sun should shine from 9 to 5 please make note in your calendar
There is no need for anymore

Too much sun is frivolous
It can give you perilous ideas that can make the world go wrong.

We need more gray clouds,
We need more buildings, too.
We need more paper work
counters to fill them through.

There should be no sugar creams.
Jelly beans from gelatine.
In this crisis need to buckle down.

We don't need you to be too clever,
Cleverness is a tricky matter.
Curtsy while you're thinking - it saves time.

No vacation anymore,
no sick days no no no more.
You've had it pretty good till now.

We can fix your easy ways
cutting down on holidays,
get to work! it's over! move along!

We need more discipline
We need policing too (yeah yeah yeah)
We need more fancy roads
So we can pay for fuel.

We need a bigger storm!
We need another war!
We need some more control
Ooo could always use some more!
No more creative minds
It's such a waste of time
We need more discipline
We need policing too (yeah yeah yeah)
Track Name: Disco Song
I won't be knocking on your door you better come to me.
I won't be pleading you for more (my) pride's a precious comodity.
I’ll stick it tight and wait till you get through my defence,
so why aren't you already on your way ?

My waiting skills are known to be somewhat limited,
you should know there's a tiny window where the goal can be met.

…You should be moving now…
you should be moving darling
… you should stick to the plan…
The plan I've drawn and readied

I have it figured out, every detail laid in place.
I know exactly how you can get me out of breath

…come on let's get it on…
It's been two days already
…If it will take too long…
I'll lose my cool and steady


I want to touch me places I will tell you not to touch
I won't give in too easy better step it up a notch

I'll stick it tight and wait
'Till you get through my defence
Get ready for real pleasing
Taunting and cruel teasing
You better be on the road
when I get to the door
I better see you there !
Track Name: Letter to Dango
Long time been since i hear from you or the echo of my past
i'm wondering if this here is an exterior road.
am I far off of the trail? which path am i connected to?
my heart pumps blood thru me and i'm a molecule,
disconnected and alone.

been a while since i heard from you or walked in the lands we call home.
I'm a satellite and i can see you tonight.
From the distance where i roam far outside,
wondering if the words are even right.

If all inside forgiveness is indeed the light
the rest of the world, what of the dark they brood?
and am i gonna ever…

I am the perfect stranger i don't speak language well
out here in the low hills of southern france.
but each day i taste the good will of my fellow man.
i live below the radar in a foreign land.

the farther i've been, the more i know
the only place that ever holds a home
is the trust of another human being believing
that the world needn't be so cold.