No 2 or Blumen Schmarren

by tildon krautz

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    the album was recorded in October 2013 in our barn, with bats flying about at night and everything!
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released January 1, 2014


all rights reserved



tildon krautz Savannah, Georgia

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Track Name: mumble sugar
what i want to talk about you know
it's what i want to show you, love.
everybody wanna talk about today.
well, that's where i'm holding you.

you don't know what i'm going to say,
but you know you're gonna love it.
first you're coming, then you're going and it's gone away.
you know i'm falling for you.

everything i wanna say; I've got it for you.
everything a going i'm knowing with you.
everything you want and everything i know,
i want to tell you that it's right.

i don't want to tell you what i'm gonna do
all i want to tell you but i say it away.
and i know you long to be safe,

you know aloud you heart.
Track Name: adele kozlowski
it was like a normal day
everything normally went
from morning till the evening
it was bordering on dreary
nothing seemed extraordinary
till sun went out completely
as it turned to darktitute
i could feel the empty room
filling in with nightly jungle
there were birds and there were ghosts
of many days ago
with desire to express
their lingering essence

with their voices rather hooty
and their constant foggy brooding
they stopped my heart completely
and i found myself alive
in the middle of dead night
though i seemed to seize existing


i admit i had no notion
of this after life commotion
i had really no idea
it seems something of a game
designed to not get anywhere
but to fill in all the spaces
if you don't succeed a thing in a 20 hr spin
you may come to realize
it's a pointless excersise
coz a 20 hr spin is a very nothing thing
in the world of non-existence

and you're screaming off your head
though your voice's no longer there
not to mention your not being
you can go and haunt your brothers
shock the living lights of others
trip them out'a living


so i started hooting out
the most ridiculous alive
i'd say it's politicians
every house that is called white
has become my haunting ground
and scare them something vicious
and at night i poke their eyes
and i touch their wooden hearts
with my nonexistent fingers
and i mak'em really die
just to bring'em back to live
with a frightful repetition

and i'm dreaming of the day
they're truly back from dead
ready to commence a living
so i say go haunt your brothers
shock the living lights of others
trip'em into living

Track Name: tradition
the goal of the tradition is to tell you what's on
before you step out into the world on your own
and the traditional going out on your own is part of that tradition.

our parents tell us stories that they heard when they were children
from their parents who heard stories from their parents when they're children
to guide us in our choices as we build on the existing tradition.

where would we be if we never strayed from our path
or it we never listened as well to the side that we don't see
when we lean to hard against the wind.
the engine gets running, the cycle start humming
and we never see the truth.

the tendency to say that its running away
that all our tomorrows are just like our yesterdays
the trouble with this life,
is a story that we love to talk about.

we say that human nature is to take without thought
we say we've got to hold to ours no matter what
we say the strongest beat the weakest,
and the strongest are the greediest.
Track Name: throwing pillows
Up to heaven
Can cause great spillage of feathers
Throwing my thoughts
In your face
Results in wrinkleage of forheads
Can’t tell apart the clouds from feathers
Best not to throw them up there ever
But thoughts are hard to keep in pillows
Even in embroidered cases
I tried to make one by hand
Hoping to thread them into places
Can’t tell apart my thoughts from feathers
Very confusing little matter-invisible
Thoughts are shiny from the distance
They look like tasty little cherries
If you pick’em there’s a danger of getting runs like after berries
Thoughts are fickle if you let them
They’ll take you places you don’t wanna go
Can’t tell apart hell from heaven
Track Name: beside me
if you want to walk that road with me
all we'll have is our faith in all the good that we can see
and you can sing any song you might choose.
and i'll raise my voice right beside you

with you to walk beside me, i'll be right by you
i'll watch over you as you watch over me.
we'll be the team ain't never has to prove.

i imagine that there's no more perfect world than this place
all the hints that we see of another just point back to our race
and while we're living here that's exactly how we do
the wisest of us tell it - we still got the one truth.
Track Name: sing song
man are plenty in the world
and i can pick anyone
not so easy make the fittin'
when they all line up for pickn'

some are fat, some are bold
some talk like they're spilling gold
some look like their lips are missing
but some other's ripe for kissin'

oh oh
oh oh
there's full assortiment
can do shopping all year round
and without a single found


i can tell you rather quickly
i don't really care for pretty
curls and muscles are for blonds
but i want mine intelligent

i don't care if he's hairy
if his mind's extraordinary
he's good to plip my berry
c'mon baby rock me merry

oh oh
oh oh
i don't care for prince or frog
i just want a man with fine
somewhat xperimental mind

i want some creative thought
i desire witty jokes
and if he can play fiddle
oooo my world will be a-tiddle


no no
no no
i don't really care for gold
she just wants extensive speeches
on the nature of her features

he can make me banjoline
sing a serenade at dinner
c'mon baby i'm your singer

no no
no no
i don't wanna sing no more
she explained it really well
need apply only by mail

yes yes
yes yes
send a photo of yourself
photoshop unnecessary
keep in mind she don't mind hairy
Track Name: desert girl
Darlin' I don't know where my mind goes.
All I know is every time i catch my breath,
It seems I've been somewhere else.
And I don't know how, but I know I'm going to share it,
Because you must be told.
Its you I see shining.
Its you I see swimming like light,

Them cowboy boots are dancing.
Drawing the lightning on.
This band rides high on miles of truth
And yours is the proof that you shine between them.
The time we spend together is a respite of the weather.
An eye inside the storm.
Sail under zephyr's young star umbrella Zany Yeller.
I don't think you never know,
And I don't think you never grow.
Sail on.
Track Name: lost john
I don't know where to go
I don't know where to be
I don't know where john is
John that told me 'bout the tree
He told me 'bout a magic tree
That bears the fruit of diamond vint
I went looking far and wide
But no one can help track it down
I shared with john all my wine
In hopes that he could show me how
To get my hands on diamond vint
To get myslef out'a dint
Now i can't find either one
The magic tree or john - the man
That told me 'bout the magic tree
That was to get me out'a dint
Track Name: Mec D'Auvillar
Ce mec de Auvillar sorti sa maison y aller dans son jardin
Et sa petit fille, "Lady O" elle le suit
Prennant des tomates du son jardin

Ce mec de Auvillar il aime bien sa p'tit fille
Et aussi il aime la mere, sa femme
Qui traverse le monde cherche quel q'un
Qui et forte comme ce mec de Auvillar

Moi, Je trouve bien ce belle famille
Qui vit dans le porte de Auvillar
Et quand j’ai vu, je vais passe le soir
Avec mes amis du Auvillar
Track Name: diamond joe
There's a man you'll hear about almost everywhere you go.
His holdings are in Texas, and his name is Diamond Joe.
He carries all his money in a diamond studded jar
And he never was much troubled with the process of the law.

I went to Diamond Joe boys and I did offer him my hand.
He gave me a string of horses, they were so old they could not stand.
I nearly starved to death there for he did mistreat me so,
And I never saved a dollar in the pay of Diamond Joe.

I tried three times to quit him but he did argue so,
And I'm still punching cattle in the pay of Diamond Joe.
When i'm called up yonder and its my time to go,
Give my blankets to my buddies, but give the fleece to Diamond Joe
Track Name: keep your heart
Keep your reserves in a well hidden cellar
Don't share your goods, you know that they're rare
Don't ever give to the seething temptation
Don't ever think it will bring your salvation

Keep your heart baby,
Keep your world steady

They mustn't know why this caution is needed
It'll open a can of fat worms, foul and heated
They must see you strong, and poised ever ready
They must see you going, going ever steady

Keep your heart...

Don't ever share with the other side issue
Cover your heart if you must with black tissue
And never ever uncover the mess
Don't let them near
Don't let them see
Cover your fear
Don't show your need

Keep your heart baby…
Track Name: bonus track
When you go down in Deep Elem
Just to have a little fun
You better have 15 dollars
When that policeman runs.

Oh sweet mama, daddy’s got them Deep Elem Blues

When you go down in Deep Elem
Put your money in your pants
Those good looking women
Won’t give a man a chance.

Oh sweet mama…

When you go down in Deep Elem
Put your money in your socks,
Those Deep Elem women
They will throw you on the rocks.

Oh sweet mama…..

I used to know a preacher
Preached the bible through and through
He got down in Deep Elem
Got those Deep Elem Blues.

Oh sweet mama…

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